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reversal_seer's Journal

Amber (AU)
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[Her AU is based on a fanfic that's currently on hiatus: darkrthanyou</b>]

Amber, Messier Code number UB001, had another code name before she joined the Syndicate. Before betraying British intelligence MI6, she was known as February. She was among the first of contractors to emerge not long after the two radioactive Gates appeared. One was dubbed as Heaven's Gate in South America. The other Hell's Gate in Japan. The sky itself darkened as the moon and stars vanished. In their place, new stars appeared.

Amber was part of Heaven's War, a war between Contractors from various governments and elite militia from all over the world. She was partially responsible for making Heaven's Gate impenetrable, along with the majority of South America.

Very few have survived, including herself and codename Hei, AKA BK201 or the Black Reaper. She told his sister Bai to release her power and later, she fused with him. Bai's powers of electrical shocks and particle luminescence was then at Hei's command. This Amber has known all along.

She formed Evening Prim Rose to help force her hand against the Syndicate, for the contractors' freedom, civil rights, and coexistence with humans. It wasn't all that long ago when an extreme terrorist group of rogue contractors worldwide, Ravaging Spitfire, began to add more to their ranks by tampering with time and space itself, capturing other sentient species with some captured scientists and complex technology.

Amber has seen everything, and knows how the entire contractor race will end if all fails, as well as the fate of Hei, his team, and one of those from other worlds facing the dangers and chaos that await them. Her powers consist time travel, as well as freezing time. Such power, however, is limited at a high price. Each time she travels through or manipulates time, she becomes gradually younger in appearance. Her mind, heart, and goals however remain the same.

Each move she makes, each decision she chooses--it is all done for the sake of saving all contractors from the Syndicate, as well as preventing the ultimate consequence from happening if the RS organization continues to interfere with parallel dimensions...